Sticky Bun Fridays

My work cubicle neighbor, Special-K, and I have started a Friday morning tradition. On my way out of Jamestown I stop at the Village Hearth Bakery and pick up two of their walnut sticky buns. Six days out of the week I eat plain oatmeal for breakfast.  But not on Fridays my friends. Fridays are all about these sticky, bad-for-the-heart but good-for-the-soul buns.
The first day I brought them in, Special-K said, with mouth full, that it was the best sticky bun she’d ever had. I felt like a proud mama, er, older sister. (Ok, I am actually old enough to be her mom. Sigh.) Anyhow, I was so proud of her taste buds for recognizing the truth about these amazing little pastries from this amazing little bakery. Another palate corrected!
They really are the best. In the moment before your first bite you get an aroma of caramelized sugar and cinnamon. And then you bite into it and find that it’s chewy and tender at the same time. The flavor is buttery and sweet but not too sweet, with a pleasant yeastiness. It’s a bit reminiscent of, say, a brioche French toast, pre-maple syrup. The very first time I tasted one I could come up with only two words: Butter. Reincarnated.

More food, less pain.

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