More Food, More Pain. Compliments of NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo is short for National Blog Posting Month. It is basically a bunch of bloggers who agree to update their blog daily for one month. The idea is that by doing so you’ll improve your writing and help to grow your blog.

This month I’ll be taking on this challenge. Though a little bit daunting, I like the idea. I’m finally grown up enough to understand that if you do something every day to strengthen a skill or habit, you do get better at it. Duh. Mostly, I plan to try and enjoy the process and to be ready and willing to take on the inevitable internal struggle it might cause me from time to time.

For those of you that love the dating/relationship stories, I’ll do my best to bring the awkward. some awkward. I’ll find someone to awkward double hug. Or maybe another chain smoking drunk guy will fall in love with me on our fist date (please God no.) There’s bound to be another guy asking me to dance again, even after I insist that “dancing is not a good look for me.”

For those of you that love the food stuff, I’ll have plenty of fodder for that. November brings with it wine classes (attending and teaching), then there’s Guy Fawkes bonfire night with the Brits. Oh, and mashed potato day Thanksgiving.

Since I work 40 hours a week, work out most days and actually keep up a decent social life, most of the posts will probably be short, which is something I’ve been meaning to start doing anyhow. Of course I don’t expect you’ll read them all. That’s not the point really, but I do hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me. And hopefully we’ll have some good food and good laughs together soon.

More food, less pain,

5 thoughts on “More Food, More Pain. Compliments of NaBloPoMo

  1. As long as you do not derelict your domestic chores and keep up with the demands of your undemanding housemates I think it is a great idea – a blog a day keeps you out of trouble…..

  2. Hi Colleen! Thanks for reading. I was reading that NaBloPoMo started as a spoof on NaNoWriMo. Not ready for novel writing yet either, so I'm sticking with this for now!
    I love reading your blog so let me know if you decide to do the daily posts! Hope all is well with you! 🙂

  3. Hey Louise! Thanks for sharing this post on fb –glad to have found your blog. I may just have to join in on NaBloPoMo…i'd only heard of the other–NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) and I knew I wasn't up for that. I look forward to your tales of eating through the pain.. (typed as I wipe the crumbs off my face after devouring nearlyhalf a loaf of delicious pan de muerte….yum!)

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