NaBloPoMo Day 3: Molten Cheese & Family Meals

Electric Raclette Grill

I went to Wednesday night wine class at Newport Wine Cellar with my co-worker Special-K last night. The subject was “Pairing Wines with Raclette”, and like all of the wine classes I’ve attended, it did not disappoint. Raclette, if you’re wondering, is a cheese from Switzerland. It’s also a dish that is sort of a cousin to fondue, consisting of melted Raclette cheese served with vegetables, bread and other accompaniments. The methods of melting the cheese vary, but the most popular way here in the states is to use an electric Raclette grill

Raclette, The Cheese

Anyhow, the class was fun as always. The wines, great as usual. And we all know that molten cheese never disappoints, don’t we?

But the cooler thing for me was bringing Special-K to the class. She is 17 years younger than I am, and technically from another generation. There are enough years between us that I occasionally don’t understand what she’s talking about. But that could also be due to her wicked awesome New Bedford accent. (Which I make fun of, but secretly love.) Last night, she was genuinely interested in learning more about wine and asked Maria a lot of questions. For an old-maid gastronome like me, it is heartening to see such genuine interest in wine and food in the younger folk. 

Yes, it was that good. 

Cooler still, she said something to me about how, when she has a family, she will insist that they eat dinner together around a table as often as possible. I’m not sure if she’s aware, but there are numerous studies that back up why this is a good idea. One famous study shows that dining together as a family can help prevent drug abuse and depression in teens.  Another study shows that this ritual can help keep a family’s weight at healthy levels. I don’t think you need a study to prove that it’s just a great way to keep a family connected, but I’m sure there’s one about that out there too. 

My Classmates

I guess it’s weird that I’m writing about eating as a family when I am single, childless and living (mostly) alone. For the 7 years I was in a relationship, I insisted we eat dinner together at the table several times a week. I remember this was odd for him at first, but he grew to love it. Cloth napkins, beautiful dinner plates and lit candles were pretty much mandatory, but it wasn’t about being fancy or romantic. It was about creating a ritual, catching up with each other, and nurturing our bodies and our relationship by cooking meals for each other.

We split a year and a half ago and I sometimes miss having this as part of my days. But I’ve had no trouble filling in that space and that desire to connect over a meal. Last night’s wine class with Special-K is a perfect example of this. Then there’s Taco Tuesday with my brother and niece, and Village Hearth pizza on Sundays with Weather Girl and The Welshman. It’s certainly different than having a built in dinner companion all week, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now. 

Wishing you more food, less pain, x-L


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 3: Molten Cheese & Family Meals

  1. I love your cast of characters (and your writing)! These posts are making me smile. I love meals with family and friends too…. So much so that I insist that we do it even with a wacky toddler and a crying baby. (I think you've just given me an idea for another post.)
    Old maid??? We are not that old.

  2. Hey, I'm old. I learned some time ago that I am not the mama. Still, I grew up having dinner every night with my family around the table. I thought everybody did. I think many of today's families, often running in so many different directions, miss out by skipping this ritual.

    Plus the only thing better than cheese is melted cheese!

  3. This was a great night. I learned much about the Switzerland culture and got to eat oozing delicious cheese. I was in my own Utopia. (History lesson + CHEESE = my Utopia)
    And I was extreamly satisfied when Maria found me a red wine that I actually wanted to drink…..and drink again.(seeing as I go around saying I am not a red wine fan) which is Sooooo not the case. Snaps to Maria.

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