NaBloPoMo Day 8: Edible Rhody Local Hero Awards

It’s that time of year again to vote in the Local Hero Awards through Edible Rhody or your local version of this magazine published by Edible Communities.

Fall 2009 Cover

If you’ve never heard of Edible Rhody or its 60 or so sister publications in the US and Canada, then you are missing out on an incredible resource for local food news.

Anytime I travel, I find out if there is an Edible Communities magazine for that area. Over the years I’ve picked up copies from Manhattan, Portland (Maine), Boston, Cape Cod, Sarasota, San Francisco and DC . I read to find out what food events are happening, where and when I can find produce from local farms, what shops carry food produced by local artisans, and so on and so on.

It’s a beautiful magazine too, printed on recycled matte paper, with gorgeous, inspiring photos. But it’s the writing that makes it truly great, because it’s written and published locally, by people who are intimate with the food culture of that specific area.

I never miss an issue. I also never miss the opportunity to show my support of local farmers, chefs, artisans and shop owners by voting for them in the Local Hero Awards each year.

Wishing you more food, less pain,


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