Beer. Honey. Shame.

Listening to the bees

This morning I exclaimed to Weather Girl “I can’t believe I dropped that jar of honey in the middle of that event last night!”

Her reply? “You can’t?”

Very funny Weather Girl. She knows better than anyone else how clumsy and awkward I can be.

The honey incident happened at a tasting at Coastal Extreme Brewing Company. It was the launch of their “11”, a signature beer they brew each once a year. This years’ brew was a collaborative effort by a group of Rhode Island brewers, and they honored our little state by using locally sourced hops and honey in this batch. It’s even reddish in color, to honor our state bird, the Rhode Island Red Rooster.

The “11” is a big beer – 11.7% alcohol by volume, but you wouldn’t know that when you taste it. It is balanced, a little sweet but appropriately so. It has a bit of oak to it, which comes from the fact that it’s aged in the same barrels they age their Thomas Tew Rum. I loved it, and plan to give some as gifts this holiday season, and drink a few too.

The tasting was so fun. I met new people and ran into old friends, like Jeff “The Beeman” Mello. His Aquidneck Island Honey was one of the key ingredients in the “11”, so he was there to promote it and enjoy the brews. Jeff is an easygoing guy who is doing great work. After chatting for a bit, he gave me a jar of honey. As a gift. For no reason. Because he’s nice like that. I love his honey and was in need of a new jar, so I felt very appreciative of the gesture.

So appreciative that I proceeded to drop the glass jar of honey on the cement floor of the crowded tasting room.

Sorry Jeff!

It was not my sexiest moment. But not surprising to those who know me.


But like I said, Jeff is easygoing and he helped me feel some relief from the utter embarrassment by helping me clean up the sticky mess. I felt terrible about wasting such a precious thing – I know how hard Jeff and the bees work to make this amazing honey. But he urged me not to worry about it.

Then he gave me another jar. Which I totally did not deserve, but awkwardly, as ever, accepted.

More food, less pain,

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