Bridges, Terra Firma, and Why I Kind of Sucked Today

What I missed

The inaugural Newport Pell Bridge Run here in Rhode Island took place this morning. Not only did I not run the race, but I didn’t even have decency to wake up early to cheer on my room mates and a bunch of other friends who were running this epic course.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Pell Bridge, you have to understand this: it’s a beautiful drive over one of the most picturesque bays in the country. If you’re travelling east over the bridge, which was the direction the race ran this morning, the view offers up the Newport skyline, which is studded with historic church steeples, trees and colonial era houses. Not to mention the view of Narragansett Bay, with it’s islands and currents and reflections of the sun and the sky. It’s all very stunning.

It’s also important to note that this is the first time pedestrians have been allowed to cross the bridge in 30 years.

Did I also mention that today was the most beautiful November day that I’ve ever seen?

And where was I? I was in bed, snuggling with “Pumpkin” (the cat), while 3,000 way-smarter-than-me people got to experience the epic view and awesome weather. What. The. Fuck. Was. I. Thinking?

I guess I was thinking of my fear of heights. I used to rock climb in Utah with out the slightest fear. Now I get up on a step ladder and start to sweat. I thought I was so hilarious last week when I told Weather Girl that I’m too afraid of heights but that I’d be taking pictures of her from terra firma. But I didn’t even come through on that promise. I did however have dreams that I was at the finish line cheering my friends on. Does that not count for anything?

I was also thinking of my fully booked weekend, and how desperately I needed to catch up on sleep. Both of these lines of thought just seem silly in retrospect. I drive this bridge twice a day, and I’m not that afraid of heights, unless we’re talking 30,000 feet in an airplane. Also, there is this thing called “napping” that I just discovered actually works well for situations like this.

So why did I only kind-of-suck today? Because I walked 4.5 very fast miles, had an awesome brunch at Sapo, drank a Bloody Mary, and bought some new boots. Also, I realized the mistake I’d made in missing the race and vowed to do it next year. So that takes some of the suckage away, right?

More Food, Less Pain,

6 thoughts on “Bridges, Terra Firma, and Why I Kind of Sucked Today

  1. Yes, but would you feel half as guilty if the weather was crappy? Don't feel bad Louise…you are there for Weathergirl and the Welchman for everything else. It's not your fault they chose to wake up at an absurd hour…for running?? I would have been in bed snuggled up as well. 😉

  2. I remember when I discovered my fear of heights… about 25 years ago…? (Yikes, I’m old) I was running around with my friend Bo, taking photos at a century-long abandoned steel mill complex in Bridgewater MA. He was insistent that the mill ruins were haunted because it was in part of the Bridgewater Triangle. We got to an area in the woods where we had to cross an old, falling apart railroad bridge – there was only one girder left crossing the entire span – about a foot wide, and the ravine was about 15-20 feet deep. Bo was a paratrooper in the army, so he just zipped right across, like a tightrope walker. I started across much more slowly, about halfway across I made the STUPID mistake of looking down. If you’ve ever seen Hitchcocks Vertigo, you know that scene at the beginning where Jimmy Stewart is chasing a criminal across rooftops, almost misses the next building, then when he catches the ledge and looks down… the high camera angle on the alley does this sort of collapse morph-zoom…? Yeah, just like that.

    How does this relate to eating thru the pain? We went out for LOTS of pancakes afterward.

    – Paul Ruggeri

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