NaBloPoMo Day 15: More Friends, More Food, Less Pain

Last night I dined with a great group of women. Our host, The Pretty Brit, was my room mate for the year following my break up, and we became close friends in that time.

I didn’t know her well when we moved in together in July of 2010. I wasn’t looking for another friend. I was trying to just keep my head together and had almost no energy for anyone except my closest friends. I spent a lot of evenings in my room, reading and watching movies. I slept a lot. I made no initiative to spend quality time with her to get to know her better. I tried to be invisible, so as not to bring the mood in the flat down.

She gave me the space I needed, but didn’t give up on me. She always invited me to be involved in dinner parties at home or to join her for nights out with friends.  She knew I was struggling and crying a lot, and doled out hugs and compassion freely. She also cooked for me and fed me and ran our quirky kitchen well, which was the role I used to fall into and embrace in any living situation. I had no desire at that time to cook for anyone, so I let her take care of me in this way.

Lucky for me, The Pretty Brit is a great cook. She makes homemade sourdough bread from a starter, amazing and authentic Pho, and a kick ass British breakfast. She made this curry dip last Christmas that I still think about.   I once watched in horror as she dumped a can of beer and a box of Velveeta over some sizzling bacon, only to taste the most wonderful of all wonderful cheese dips. (And I was a snobby cheese-monger at the time!) In the kitchen she is fearless, and, more importantly, as generous as an Italian grandma, but way hotter than one.

There was dessert too
I can’t imagine those first 12 post-breakup months without her support. 
And her food. 
Last night she made the most amazing tamarind braised short ribs and mashed potatoes. I was taking pictures of the feast and told her that I was going to write this post about her to thank her for being such a good friend. Do you know what she did in response? She hugged me. And then fed me. Again. 

More Food, Less Pain,


One thought on “NaBloPoMo Day 15: More Friends, More Food, Less Pain

  1. One of the things I do very poorly is ask for help. When my life was turned upside down, my friends were absolutely amazing in the way they wrapped around me, supported me, and kept me going. These are the people who matter most.

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