NaBloPoMo Day 17: Blogging Sisters

I texted this to my sister Annie today: “Do you mind if I plug your blog in my blog?”

Say that out loud. I must have laughed for ten minutes about that sentence. I am a freaking wordsmith, I am.

She just started her blog last week. She says I inspired her, and I am honored by that. That compliment came just at the moment I was starting to feel really silly for posting every day for a month as part of National Blog Posting Month. I was feeling self-conscious about it, and hoping people didn’t think I was egotistic, or so presumptuous as to believe they’d read it every day. Knowing I inspired her made me feel much better about it all.

My decision to do the post-a-day project was based on wanting to learn more about blogging, and about testing my abilities as a writer. The blog, as a whole, was about finding a creative outlet for processing some of the funny and/or painful weirdness of life. It’s all been a great project for me. It’s helped me move on from some things in the past, and has given me a little more confidence to move forward with my life. So when my sister told me she started her own blog I got excited, because I just knew it could help her in similar ways.

Annie & I are the cutest ones in this picture. We’re directly across from each other at the table, in case you are of poor vision or have questionable aesthetic sensibilities.

Her blog, Florida Fishing and Hunting, is about (mostly online) dating in your 40’s after a divorce. Maybe you don’t know this, but dating at this stage in life is full of absurdities (sexting?), pitfalls (oh, I liked him), confusion (why didn’t he call back?) and luckily, hilarity.

Annie and I have a lot in common: we have the same mom and siblings; we look alike; we have eerily similar mannerisms; and we both have great racks. But we couldn’t be more different in our approaches to dating. I’m so impressed that she’s dating already. I’m impressed too, that she’s willing to share it via her blog. I am just barely interested in dating, and even if I was dating regularly, writing about my experiences in this tiny town in the smallest state in the union would surely leave me date-less for the rest of my years. Lucky for us, she lives in a big city that affords her some anonymity. I can’t wait to read more about her experiences. But more so, I can’t wait to laugh with her in person over her fishing and hunting adventures.

More Food, Less Pain,


One thought on “NaBloPoMo Day 17: Blogging Sisters

  1. I'm glad you took the NaBlo challenge. Your posts are a lot of fun to read and I enjoy your style. I never would have looked at a blog called “Florida Fishing and Hunting” but your sister's blog looks fun and interesting and I've stuck it on my list to read. I can definitely relate to dating in your 40s issues.

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