Thanksgiving, Locally

Thanksgiving is next week, which means the grocery stores are going to be a boiling pot of crazy this weekend.It’s just one reason on my list of reasons why I like to source as much of this meal not in those big stores, mostly via local farmers markets.

There’s a long list of other reasons. Those of you that support local farms know them all. Those of you that don’t, I’m not going to preach here. I’ll leave that to the many other writers and activists who are much more articulate than I am about the subject. If I had to pick one summary of most of the reasons I eat locally, it would be this short video.

If you live in RI, the Farm Fresh RI website is the best way to figure out where your closest market will be tomorrow so that you can stock up on ingredients for next week. Check it out. It’s an incredible resource for finding local food.

If you don’t live in RI, check out the Local Harvest website. It has a comprehensive listing of most farmers markets, CSA‘s, and family farms in the USA. It also has lots of info about why supporting family farms is important.

I’ll be at the Sakonnet Growers Market tomorrow helping the director, my good friend Nicole Vitello. I’ll be educating people about local cheeses, and giving out lots of samples. I met Nicole when she first started farming a long time ago, and through the years of helping her with her CSA’s and market days I met so many new people and got to know a lot of our local farmers. I’m looking forward to catching up with her and other friends and acquaintances.

Tomorrow, I’ll inevitably meet some new people, and learn more about some of the growers too. Michael Pollan didn’t mention this reason in the short video – the new relationships you forge when you get to know who grows what nearby. But it’s definitely the reason for eating locally that is closest to my heart.

More Food, Less Pain,

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