NaBloPoMo Day 22: Desperate Times Call For Nonsensical Posts

Honestly, I have no idea what to write about today. And my week is so busy already, not to mention I  lost a whole day to the State of Rhode Island yesterday that I’ll NEVER GET BACK. Then there’s work, and then more work helping out at my friend’s cheese shop. Oh, and did I mention that I’m helping my brother, IT Guy, host and cook for our loud, crazy family of 15 at his house on Thursday?

My friend and fellow blogger Maria, who also did this National Blog Posting Month craziness of posting every day for a month last November must have been picking up on my stress level about it because she wrote these words of understanding to me yesterday:  “I remember this time last year I was walking the cliffs with a heavy tread, tearing my hair out and shouting ‘a pox on the internet!'”. Do I ever feel that way today! You must check out her blogs, Third Floor With Water View and My Life in Food: A Culinary “Art” Journal. She is one funny lady, and has been a great supporter of my decision to to this.

In a desperate attempt to come up with a post on this busy-ass day, I looked through the 1200 or so pictures on my iPhone and found these. I hope you enjoy them. If you want to create your own similar and totally awesome images, you must get the Kitty Carnage App.

Willow. She could probably make lasers
come out of her eyes without an app.

Thanks people, for tolerating this ridiculousness.

More Food, Less Pain,


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