NaBloPoMo Day 26: Small Business Saturday

I am proud to know a number of small business owners in Newport. Not only are they good friends to me, but by owning and operating a small business here, they are adding to the vitality and charm that makes this such a great place to call home.

Admittedly, I won’t be doing much shopping today. I don’t feel guilty or pressured to get out there today to shop locally, because I already do it in my daily life as much as I possibly can. I will be helping out for a few hours at one of my favorite local shops, Newport Wine Cellar, where, no doubt, I’ll end up buying a bottle or two. I’m sure that I’ll pop in next door to Le Petit Gourmet for a bit of cheese to get me through the afternoon. The rest of my night will be spent catching a movie at The Jane Pickens Theater, then probably grabbing a late bite to eat, perhaps at Sapo Freaky Burrito, or maybe we’ll splurge tonight on a beautiful meal at Tallulah’s.

I’m definitely lucky to live in a place where I have so many options for locally owned businesses. I know it’s not like this everywhere, and that it’s not always possible to shop this way. But I hope you’ll consider keeping your dollars in your town, before you head to the big box stores, or the internet. If you need a little nudge, read this article for some compelling reasons to shop locally.

And for more info about the fantastic shopping in Newport, RI, the GoNewport website has a pretty thorough guide for what to get and where.

Of course, if you want info on where to get the best local food-related gifts, I’ve pretty much sampled it all here in Newport, and am happy to point you in the right direction! Yep, I’m definitely your girl for that task.

More Food, Less Pain,


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