Food in Film

Okay, I’m pretty sure that something is truly f**ked up with my aura today, because the computers I’ve been working on keep refusing to cooperate. I’m pretty sure sparks are going to start coming out of my laptop in a few minutes, and since steam is already pouring out of my ears I think I’ll make this a very brief post.

I’ve been trying to embed this awesome video essay of food and cooking clips from the movies called “Feast”, by Matt Zoller Seitz, but Blogger is acting like a little bitch and won’t let me. (It couldn’t possibly be due to my total lack of understanding of html code, could it?)

Okay, I’m taking a nice cleansing breath. And now I will attempt a very complicated thing and put a link here for the video. Fingers crossed that it works.

Here’s the link:

There are a lot of scenes in that video that I love. But it got me thinking about the sandwich scene in the movie Spanglish.* I couldn’t find a clip of it, but if you’re a food person like me you know what I’m talking about. Adam Sandler’s character is a chef/restaurant owner. He comes home from an evening at work, and makes a late night egg sandwich. There’s no dialogue, just him alone in the kitchen, cooking. He sits down to eat, and I can’t remember if it’s when he bites into it or cuts into, but what you see next is the yellow of the over-easy yolk running down the sides of the sandwich. It’s a beautiful scene.

As far as I can tell, the clip is not anywhere on-line, but this video is a sort of behind the scenes look at how the sandwich scene was conceived. I had no idea that Thomas Keller was involved, but it sure explains why the scene is so realistic and lovely.

(And LOOK AT ME, I embedded a video using HTML code! Take that Blogger!)

More Food, Less Pain,

*This movie also has one of the best lines ever in the history of forever: 
“Sometimes your low self esteem is just good common sense!”


5 thoughts on “Food in Film

  1. The reason for the computer failure is in the stars… mercury retrograde for the next 3 weeks… technology failures rife… maybe that's why I got a speeding ticket last night!

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