Artistic Brilliance

I wrote about Taco Tuesdays at Sapo once before in this post. Back then I didn’t realize all the artistic inspiration it was capable of. I guess the first sign of it was indeed my brilliant essay on the place. The second piece of evidence came in the form of a get well card to my brother, IT Guy. He missed a Taco Tuesday, and so the patrons and staff made him a get well card. He probably had a man cold or something.

Anyhow, here’s the card. I actually had to erase some words, for fear of offending. But you have to appreciate that the writers felt so free and creative and inspired. That’s just the effect really good tacos have on the masses. I also erased a phone number, to protect the guy-pretending-to-be-a-girl from receiving unwanted calls from y’all.

The Cover


The Rest

Favorite Niece was apparently feeling very inspired by Taco Tuesday today. We work together, and usually email each other on Tuesday afternoons to plan out a time to meet at Sapo. She sent me a drawing today. I just want to say that she is really, really smart. I mean, she’s like an Engineer and she keeps the internets working all over the country FROM HER DESK! She has other talents too, like being one of the funniest people I know, and she also makes a really good pasta salad.

She, however, as you can clearly see, lacks any and all artistic ability. 

Still, you gotta love that Taco Tuesday enthusiasm!

See you there later. Bitches.


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