NaBloPoMo Day 30: Last day!

It feels just right that I am ending this 30 day stretch of posting every day over a late night dinner of pork gyoza, miso soup and spicy tuna rolls. Comfort food for sure. You know, the kind that eases the pain?

(Hold on a sec, just dropped my chopsticks)

Not that there’s much pain at the moment. I just got back from Wednesday night wine class at Newport Wine Cellar, and am feeling pretty relaxed. Sure, the pinot noir has something to do with it. But my mellow state of mind also has a lot to do with spending time with good friends who make me laugh and who share my love of food and wine.

(Oh my stars this miso soup is gooood)

I would have stayed on with them for more wine and a meal, but had to get home and write this final post. Trust me, I was tempted to skip the writing. But how could I miss the last day? I’ve found myself busier this month than I’ve been in a long time, mainly because of this commitment I made to posting daily as part of National Blog Posting Month. To my surprise though, the time crunch it put into my days mostly invigorated me. And that has so much to do with how much support and feedback I’ve received from y’all.  

(Only one pork dumpling left…)

It’s been so weird but so fun to find that I have an audience. Albeit, it’s a small one, but enough of one that I was walking down Broadway the other day and an acquaintance yelled “Hey Louise, I love the blog!”. I broke out in a sweat, embarrassed about the nonsense I’ve written. On the internets. Where people can read it, for all eternity. But then reminded myself that this, was of course, the point of it all, so the sweat quickly dried and I felt happy that someone was entertained by my mostly foolish and sometimes thoughtful writing.

(Oh shit, just spilled soy sauce on my jeans)

And though I know my writing will never be as poignant as, say, Joan Didion‘s, I’ll settle for the occasional person telling me they were touched by something I wrote. And while I’ll never be as funny as Tina Fey, I’ll settle for the occasional and wildly flattering comparison, even though I think those people just want me to make pies for them or perform sexual favors on their bodies or something.

Whatever. I’m having fun, and it seems y’all are enjoying this too, so I’ll continue to write. I’ll probably take a few days off to catch up on some things I’ve neglected for a month, like vacuuming my car, shaving my legs, and figuring out why I’ve been saying “y’all” a lot lately. Also, I found a half eaten bag of potato chips in my gym bag today, so I’ll probably use some free time to sort out what that means.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I promise. Thanks again for keeping up with me this month. Y’all are the best!

More Food, Less Pain,


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