Happy Christmas!

I’m sitting here at the kitchen island at home (aka The Buoy Street Country Club), with a half hour to spare in this busy week. I’ll be helping out at the cheese shop today (Le Petit Gourmet in Newport), cutting cheese for the holiday masses. Even though I am exhausted from a busy and a little-too-fun week, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces from my days of managing the shop. But mostly I’m excited about touching and cutting and wrapping my beloved cheeses for 6 hours straight.

I wish I’d had more time to write this month. December has found me feeling happier than I have in a very long time. Not because things are perfectly lined up. It’s just that all the pain and anxiety I felt last Christmas is gone, and I feel this deep, visceral relief about it. If I’d had more time for writing I would have explored this with you. And yes, I would have shared more of the shenanigans and nonsense as well. I danced THREE Fridays in a row this month! And my brother, IT Guy, and I decided to extend the “Summer of George” into the “Winter of George”. All you need to understand about this secret code between brother and sister is that there will be blog-worthy ridiculousness, and broken hearts in our paths.

I have ten minutes left now, and with that I’d like to wish you all happy, safe and healthy holidays. I’ve actually been in the spirit enough this year to re-embrace some of my favorite holiday songs. These two, one old and one new, are, hands down, my favorites.

Merry Christmas all, and if they are difficult for you this year I recommend you eat your way through the pain of it all, okay?

(Sorry for the ad & intro on this one, but it’s worth it, I promise!)

David Bazan covers “Just Like Christmas” by Low

More Food, Less Pain,


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