Rocked It!

I was a lonely single girl cliche today for Valentine’s Day. I worked nearly 10 hours, didn’t exercise, and felt more than one twinge of jealousy when I saw bunches of flowers on my fellow female co-workers desks.

No flowers for me. No cards either. And no secret admirers.

Favorite Niece would have threatened to call the Waambulance, or maybe even “Whine-one-one”  if I’d told her that I was feeling this sorry for myself.

There was a moment of hope when I found this email in my in-box this morning. Turns out I left my computer unlocked, which one of my co-workers LIVES for. In total and complete violation of our IT policies, he sat at my desk and composed the following email from my account:

Notice who it’s from and who it’s to. Har har. 

By 2pm I was downright bellicose that no one even brought in some sweets to share. I mean, for Aphrodite’s sake people, it’s a damn holiday! You couldn’t even bring in some of those crappy supermarket cupcakes, with that weird oily frosting?

I never let myself wallow in this kind of self pity for long. So by 7pm I had pulled myself up by my ($300 Frye*) boot straps, and headed out for some fun. I met up with some of my favorite people at Sapo in Newport for cheap tacos, good wine (BYOB!), and the-opposite-of-crappy cupcakes (from It’s My Party!)

We totally rocked Valentine’s Day.

We also totally ravaged the cupcakes.


After. We violated  those cupcakes.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that we probably had a way better time than you did tonight. So what if none of us had a traditional Valentine by our side? We had each other. And I mean, look at our faces in this picture. Look at the LOVE. Look at me, in the center there, eyes closed, blissed out from good company, laughter, and frosting. Lonely girl cliche all but forgotten…

I was teasing about having a better time than you. I hope you had a great day. I’ve tried to be a hipster and hate Valentine’s Day (like in this comic from The Oatmeal), but what kind of jerk doesn’t like a day that celebrates love? No one is forcing you to buy sappy cards, or heart shaped boxes of chocolates, or roses. And why on Earth would we let anyone let us believe that this day is only for romantic love? What about the more reliable and enduring love we have for friends, family, pets, and frosting?

I sincerely hope your day had some little reminder that you are loved. And if it didn’t, you still have an hour or so to go find some frosting somewhere, which makes a fine substitute.

More Food, Less Pain,

*Go ahead, judge. But I don’t have kids to lavish with iPods and Disney vacations, so cut me some slack here, k?


7 thoughts on “Rocked It!

  1. Oh yeah… it was Valentine's Day yesterday. I spend so much time in the movies of the 30s and 40s that I forget the actual date sometimes! Looks like you guys had a blast, and those cupcakes are way fancier than the ones I made. 🙂

  2. This is so nice! I'm in a relationship this year, but we opted to stay home with my roommates, some friends, and our neighbors. We ate heart-shaped ravioli and a giant salad and Brussels sprouts, and toasted each other over wine. It was perfect. And one of the best perks of California roommates: We finished the night with See's chocolates.

  3. yay! happy V day Louise. I avoid the cheesiness and like the love day too. i will definitely cut you slack for the 300 dollar boots, but I'm still super jealous. We got a kidless 2 hours and (since you're a foodie I'll give you the specifics) we enjoyed fried anchovy stuffed olives, martinis and duck rillet on baguette with mustard & cornichons (which was totally new to me, but awesome).

  4. Ooh, Maria, our may have been fancier looking, but nothing is better than a homemade cupcake! It was my intention to make some myself, but I was so busy turning away male callers and acting tragic…wait, now I'm in a movie from the 30's and 40's!

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