Simple Pleasures and a Supermoon

After a much needed day of solitude and relaxation, I decided to use this evening to tackle some laundry, and to tidy up my flat. I’ve been putting off these tasks for too long, and quite honestly, have been dreading them. Life has been busy lately, and when I’ve had free time I’ve only wanted to use it to catch up with friends, or to recharge on the couch with a book or a movie.

Once I started the chores, I was quickly reminded of how meditative doing dishes and folding laundry can be – a chance to do some good thinking. And so I thought about how I struggled a little through the earlier part of my day. Something was nagging at me this morning, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I chalked it up to mental exhaustion from a hectic week, and knew that the long walk I had planned would help clear my head.

And it did. It always does. At mile 4, I sat in my favorite spot at the end of the Cliff Walk and got in touch with some of the stickiness I was feeling. It was nothing life shattering, or anything I want to get into here, but I cried a few tears of release when I figured it out. I finished the remaining 3 miles of my walk with a clearer mind and sense of relief. The fog now lifted, I was able to actually enjoy the rest of my day.

And the rest of my day, I realized while vacuuming, was filled with one simple pleasure after another. After my walk I went book shopping, one of life’s greatest pleasures if you ask me. I came home to the sound of bagpipes traveling up through my open windows. (There was a parade earlier today in Newport.) Those open windows also brought in a cool and dry spring breeze today –  a breeze which happened to be carrying the scent of hundreds of newly bloomed lilacs from the neighbors yard.

I moved my little desk into my bedroom tonight, in front of one of those open windows. When the chores were done, I filled a fancy wine glass with a good beer, and sat down to write. When I looked out the window I gasped at the breathtaking sight of the supermoon rising over the quaint colonial houses of Historic Hill. And, right on cue (I kid you not!) the bagpipes started again. Amazing.

I think I’ll keep the blinds open tonight, and watch that supermoon rise as I fall asleep in my clean sheets. I know it will be a deep sleep, and that I’ll wake in the morning grateful for all the simple pleasures I was able to open up to and appreciate today.

More Food, Less Pain,


3 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures and a Supermoon

  1. Wonderful post! I kept the curtains open on the Supermoon side of the bedroom, too. I'm always amazed at how I put off chores and then realize that my head gets cleared along with my space as I tidy up.

  2. Beautifully written and what a mindful day. That's always a challenge for me but I think I will try to appreciate the simple pleasures of some chores.

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