We celebrated Favorite Niece’s birthday on Monday night with a small, last minute dinner party at my brother IT Guy’s house.  I was in charge of some vegetables, and a cake. I was crunched for time, but managed to find a cute little vanilla butter-cream cake at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown. It would have to do, and, knew it would be delicious, just like everything else there.

But I couldn’t BEAR (har har) how impersonal it was. So I decided to decorate it myself.

I didn’t have much time, like I said, so I got all MacGyver-ey about the task at hand. I decided to hit up the weird “five and dime” store near my brother’s house for supplies and inspiration. After much consideration, I purchased the following:

1. One package of Oreo Cakesters (new to me – basically a pack of 3 small whoopie pies)
2. One tube of Necco wafers, assorted flavors
3. One 16oz bag of Toll-House chocolate chips

All those years as a pastry chef finally paid off!

I should probably mention that my niece is not a 4 year old child going through a panda phase. She is a 29 year old woman going through a panda phase.

“Panda” is the nickname we gave a guy whose real name kept eluding us last Friday night. His t-shirt had an abstract illustration of a panda. Thank goodness for that, or he’d now be “blue shirt guy”, which I’m guessing would not have inspired the cornucopia of jokes that calling him “Panda” did.

Favorite Niece boldly flirted with him that night, and then again the following night, making me a very, very proud Auntie. Jokes about sexy Pandas and the shiny things they collect in their panda dens didn’t stop for days. I don’t know why we are so weird. But we crack ourselves up.

I think the Panda jokes reached their pinnacle Monday night with the cake. When FN saw the cake, she laughed and laughed some more, and said it was the best birthday cake ever.

More Pandas, Less Pain,



Her reaction. I rock.
Not the first Panda she’s smiled at lately

One thought on “And…Pandas.

  1. You did an amazing job improvising on the cake! And it's also incredible sweet (har har!) that you took the extra step to personalize it like this for your niece. =)

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