Sunday Spills & Family Traditions

Plumpy here was craving a frozen, calorie dense coffee drink after a quick lunch with Weather Girl & The Welshman. It wasn’t enough that I’d slept in ’till 10, started with an iced latte (NOT skim) at Empire, and then stuffed myself at El Perrito as though training for a competitive eating competition. 

Noooo, why stop then, when I had a very specific (possibly estrogen-motivated) craving for a frozen coffee drink? Which I did not hesitate to satiate, and so made a 2nd trip to Empire.

Well apparently, the hallway in my apartment had the same exact craving:

I call this one “Pull it together Ruggeri!”

I did manage to save some. (Or maybe it was my estrogen- motivated reflexes?) 

And now I’m off to a family cook out, for more calories. It just started a little while ago, but one of my brothers has already posted pictures on Facebook of the corn we’ll be eating. Probably with butter. Along with the following items, that my brother listed on the FB invite:

BBQ pork ribs
BBQ chicken
Corn on the cob
Grilled Veggie Kabobs
NE Clam Chowder
Pasta Salad
Homemade Coleslaw

And I KID YOU NOT, he ended the list with this:

“Anyone want to add to this?”

And there were additions. Of course.

I’m riding my bike there, for good measure.

In his defense, there are 30 people confirmed. But I guarantee, in staying with a family tradition, there will be enough food for double the guests. When you grow up with 7 siblings, plus countless in-laws, cousins, and “honorary” Ruggeri’s (oxymoron?), you can’t help but throw a party like so.

And even though I’m pretty sure I’m adopted, because I’m way better looking than the rest of them, we do share the same unmitigated love for food. I’m not the only one  in this family who obsesses about it, and waxes on about it. Or prepares something like 25lbs of ribs (not. even. kidding.) for a guest list of 30.

Though I AM certain I’m the only one who manages to spill food on herself (and occasionally other things) as much as I do – further proof of my adoption theory?

More Food, Less Pain,
xo -L

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