Foodie Skips Food Truck Fest, Public Stunned

So my friends are headed to the New England Food Truck Festival, and I’m on the couch resting. I guess it’s weird that I don’t want to go. I mean, I do want to go. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place where there is a whoopie pie truck?

Eat a whoopie pie for me, friends. 

But I had a busy week, and then a late night last night. Also, I agreed to do a little cheese mongering at Le Petit Gourmet this afternoon. So after sleeping late, and getting in a good, long walk on the Cliff Walk, I just need a little rest.

And besides, real foodies don’t go to festivals, silly! You know why? Because their lives are one long food festival.

This week, for example, I ate oysters, pissaladiere, saag paneer, a goat’s milk gouda, and much too much of a tarte aux pommes. I drank a really nice Chateauneuf du Pape, along with some other amazing reds from the Rhone region of France, thanks to my lovely friend Maria. (Check out her blog!) I also attended a wine class, at Newport Wine Cellar, where I tasted Cabernet Sauvignons from Spain, California and France.

And today? I’ll be handling, cutting and tasting cheeses for 5 hours. HEAVEN. Which will be followed by dinner with Weather Girl, The Welshman, and other good friends at the Buoy Street Country Club. We’re thinking strip steaks on the grill and some local potatoes or squash – you know, simple and comforting, nothing fancy. Maybe paired with one of those Cabs I tried this week…

But I’m bragging now, aren’t I?

More Food, Less Pain,

One thought on “Foodie Skips Food Truck Fest, Public Stunned

  1. I love the Onion-esque title! And yes, you're bragging, but I like it… it makes me think of all the wonderful times I had in Newport eating wonderful food and drinking amazing wine with you. 🙂 I brought cheese to a picnic today. They were little triangles wrapped in foil. They came in a cardboard circle, a fake wheel, not cut by my favorite Cheese Monger at Le Petit Gourmet. Tear. 😦 Did they bring you back a whoopie pie?

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