IT Guy Evolves Into Nocturnal Tarsier

I just finished work and am writing from my desk at the office. It’s 6pm, and I want to be out of this godforsaken building by 6:30. It’s been a long week trying to work in the dark (we just got power today). We had a generator that supplied just enough power to keep our computers going, and just enough light to get by.

My co-workers and I grumped (I just made up a word!) and laughed our way through it, knowing full and well how lucky we were to have been spared the worst of Hurricane Sandy. Still, we couldn’t resist making jokes about evolving into nocturnal creatures. Or setting fire to our paperwork to stay warm. Or this one (see caption below the pic on the left).

The “wireless” internet company we work for.


IT Guy, 11/2/12

My poor brother, IT Guy, has been here a ridiculous amount of hours this week. I took that picture of him, (on the right), just as the lights came back on this afternoon. Hopefully he went home after that & took a shower. Yesterday he claimed it was starting to smell in the office because of the lack of air flow, but I think it was just his anger-sweat stinking the place up.

I guess making fun of my brother is almost as lazy as re-sharing funny postcards.  It’s pretty mean actually, especially when you consider that he talked me down from a panic attack during the storm on Monday. A 75mph gust shook the house I live in, then was followed by a very loud cracking noise, which I was certain was the house itself. I immediately called him and asked him what I should do.

His advice?

“Stop what you are doing and RUN to your bathroom. When you get there, open the medicine cabinet and take 1/2 a Xanax.”

He knows me so well. And he’s smart like that. But still stinky and angry. And I should probably tell you now the picture of him above isn’t actually him. I just Googled nocturnal animals and found that.

Thanks brother, for talking me down, and for keeping us safe & productive at work all week.

More Food, Less Pain,

3 thoughts on “IT Guy Evolves Into Nocturnal Tarsier

  1. I have been falling behind on reading your blog Sorry, but I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom and pee. Thanks I really needed that!!!!! Allison

  2. I'm so glad you decided to do NaBloPoMo! I've opted out this year but I get to read the work that others – some of my favorite writers – do. Also glad that IT guy didn't eat your face in the dark (that picture makes him look like the type that would eat your face) and that you have power back and survived the storm.

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