NaBloPoMo Day 7: Stranded

It’s 10:57 as I begin to write this. Nothing like waiting until the last possible minute to try to stay in line with this NaBloPoMo thing, otherwise known as The Worst Idea Ever.

I came up with that nickname as I sat in my broken down car, in the middle of a N’oreaster, earlier this evening. The hour and a half it took to deal with that situation kinda threw a wrench in my plans to write a proper blog post.

I called AAA from the car. They informed me that my membership was expired, which wasn’t a total surprise. I sort of lost track of it. My ex had renewed our joint membership once, maybe even twice since we split 2.5 years ago, which was very kind of him. But it ran out, and since he was the “primary” holder of the account, I could not renew it, and had to start from scratch. Which would take about 20 extra minutes. This was totally fine by me, until the clueless agent asked me if I’d rather call him so he could renew our old membership, instead of creating a new one.

And then I imagined calling him. And how he would probably not blink before either renewing the membership, or at least help me out in some way (we are friends, after all.) But seriously? I’m stranded and she suggested I call my ex? I might have even asked her this, out loud, with indignation in my voice, but I can’t remember if I did, or just imagined doing it. I do remember that she laughed nervously. Probably because she heard my voice crack when I said, “No, I’d like my own account now, thank you.”

She informed that I’d have to wait for up to 90 minutes for a tow. I hung up, and wondered what I should do. My thoughts turned dark. I wasn’t sure I should wait, but didn’t want to abandon my car, or risk walking in the storm and getting crushed by a falling branch.

So there I was. Stranded & alone, in my car, in the cold. The winds were strong and shaking the car, and it was dark out. I had no water, and only one apple, and no thermal blanket in the emergency kit in my trunk. I had roadside flares, but no way to light them.* I was certain I wouldn’t survive the 90 minute wait.**

I sat with all of this knowledge, and a peace came over me as I slowly accepted my fate. I would freeze to death. I’ve heard it’s a peaceful way to go. And ultimately it was a relief, really, because I knew – because some wise AAA agent reminded me of it – that I’d always be alone and unlovable for the rest of my life anyhow.

My dramatic reverie ended abruptly when the tow truck arrived exactly 5 minutes after I hung up with AAA. The driver opened the hood, went to charge the battery and said “I’ve never seen a battery so corroded! And you’re alternator is totally shot!” I laughed sheepishly, and said something like “I’m such a girl about car stuff, tee hee!” And then I immediately rolled my eyes at myself.

I was warm and drinking wine with friends by 8. I was totally going to use my car trouble as an excuse to skip a day of National Blog Posting Month, but here I am, 11:58 on day 7, just under the wire. Too bad I can’t be this committed to maintaining my car. Tee hee.

More Food, Less Pain,

*Turns out it’s not that difficult.

**I should probably mention that I was only about a mile from home, on a very safe road, in a very safe neighborhood. With my smartphone, that had a clear enough connection to call about 4 dozen people who wouldn’t think twice about “rescuing” me. 


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 7: Stranded

  1. You are damn good in a crisis! I think that your capacity for leaping to the very worst case scenario even exceeds my own!

    So glad that you didn't die and safely made it someplace warm with wine. I'm so sorry, though, that y'all got hit with another storm so soon. Isn't it a bit early for a nor'easter?

  2. I love your footnotes on this one. I have been stranded, more than once, with an expired AAA account. I swear that one time they let me renew it on the spot… but the second time they laughed at me when I asked if I could renew it AND have it count for the tow… Did they let you do that??? I'm glad you're ok, warm & safe.

  3. Zazzy – just read your comment about my “capacity for leaping to the very worst case scenario” and am literally laughing out loud. Storm wasn't too bad here. Nasty, but we didn't have the devastation that CT,NY and NJ had, thank God. x

  4. Colleen – glad you caught that footnote. I must say, I'm quite proud of that bit. I'm not sure how many tows I used or have left, all I know is that I hope the AAA woman who helped me does not aspire to be a therapist. 🙂

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