About Eat Thru The Pain & Louise

I started Eat Thru the Pain in 2010 as a natural extension of silly food and/or dating Facebook posts that my friends seemed to love. And because I wanted the challenge of writing for an audience.

It consists mainly of personal essays – some humorous, some serious – about my trials with love, dating, and personal growth. And food.

I am a 44 year old woman, child-less by choice, and, more often than not, single. The journey from my 30’s to my 40’s has been interesting – blessed, cursed – and everything in between. I often write about dating, relationships and breakups, because they are full of opportunity for growth, and, of course, humor.

The title came from a piece of advice that I’ve long offered to friends who are either having a bad day, or have overeaten. It is intentionally terrible advice that is meant to elicit an eye-roll, or, even better, a laugh.

Which is exactly the intention behind most of the blog writing, come to think of it.

Thank you for visiting.

Wishing you more food, less pain,